Retro Arcade dates and information

The Electric Theatre Vintage Arcade will be opening on the Historic Square in Independence, Missouri from August 31st, to September 3rd, 2012.

The arcade is reminiscent of a 1980′s video arcade like Aladdin’s Castle, Space Port, and Showbiz Pizza. The golden age of video games is widely considered from 1979-1983. This collection of games focuses on titles like Ms. Pacman, Centipede, Galaga, Joust, Donkey Kong, and Paperboy to name a few.

Retro video arcade opening for 4 days only in 2012… Labor Day weekend

Electric Theatre Arcade
208 West Maple (inside Square Pizza)
Independence, Missouri 64050

Mike Freeland is the collector and entrepreneur that is provided the games from his collection and the business plan. It has taken him Freeland 16 years to find and restore these machines.

Ken McClain has partnered with Mike Freeland to bring these games to the new party room at Square Pizza. McClain Enterprises are the creators and owners of dozens of businesses on the Historic Independence Square including Square Pizza, Up Dog, and the brand new El Pico.

This location will provide a temporary home showcasing a partial collection of the arcade’s inventory. They hope that people will love the Arcade, and the demand to play the games will allow them to expand into the former Electric Theatre located at 119 W Lexington. This original theater dates back to 1917 and was later changed to the Plaza Theatre. They chose to keep the original spelling of theatre to preserve history.

All games will be set to free play (no quarters or tokens) and will charging a $5 admission for the Santa Cali Gon weekend festival September 2nd-5th. They will also have a $10 option that gets you in and out all day, or $20 for the weekend.

For more information on the arcade you can email

For additional information on Square Pizza or McClain Enterprises visit

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