Classic Arcade games…2 great locations!

The Electric Theatre Arcade was a project that hoped to bring a retro arcade to the historic square in Independence, Missouri.  As many of you know Mike Freeland(Freeland Photography ) has collected and restored games for over 18 years as a hobby.  He planned to open a retro style Dave and Busters with Ken McClain on the historic Independence Square in 2010, but after several years and multiple delays it never came to fruition.

While a stand alone retro arcade has not happenned, several new opportunities have.  Mike has established SuperNova Vending and is supplying his retro arcade collection to local bars, restaurants, theatres, and venues in the Greater Kansas City, Missouri area.  Two locations that currently house some of his collection include Square Pizza and the Screenland Movie Theatres.  If you know someone interested in partnering please contact him.

Also the documentary The Electric Theatre Vintage Arcade, directed by Brad Johnson, is also making its way around local film festivals in 2013.  The short film is screening at the Kansas City film festival at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Also the Free State Film Festival produced by the Lawrence Arts Center in Lawrence, Kansas.

Thanks to the thousands of fans that have contacted Mike including many across the globe!

You can contact Mike
or call 816-419-0551

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